Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day One-Hundred.

  • Woke up around 8 and then somehow managed to sleep until 10.
  • Got up and showered. 
  • Found a BBC documentary online called Victorian Farm and started watching it. It follows three anthropologists as they live for a year on a Victorian farm. It was really cool to see the mixture of traditional tools and new technology that was being developed and used at that time.
  • Duchessa porta via for lunch.
  • More Victorian Farm.
  • Cleaning the apartment.
  • Around 3, Kate and I went to the Campus Center to return books and print out our boarding passes. 
  • Back to the apartment.
  • Left around 6:20 to go to the tabacci to buy some last minute items and then met everyone at Akash for drinks and aperitivi. I got a Sex on the Beach, hoping it would be as good as the one I had in Florence but it wasn't. Oh well.
  • Got gelato at Sacchero before dinner at Vin.
  • Dinner at Vin--I ate light and had swordfish carpaccio and cinnamon semifreddo (like ice cream). Everyone else ordered pasta and couldn't finish it and I was pleasantly pleased after eating so many breadsticks and the aperitivi from Akash.
  • Headed back to the apartment.
  • Wireless router stopped internet so everyone was BORED.
  • Kiki went to bed but the other 3 girls on the 7 o'clock flight (leaving Alba for the airport at 3:45) wanted to stay up all night so they played Egyptian Rat Screw in the kitchen.
  • Played Egyptian Rat Screw with them.
  • Went to bed!
Though I have a full day of travel ahead of me before I get home, I think I will end the blog here. Hopefully there will be nothing eventful to note during my journey home and I'd like to say my piece now:

I had quite the semester here in Italy and, though it wasn't what I had expected or hoped it to be, I did have a good experience. I did a lot of traveling, sufficiently explored Italy and saw and ate a lot of amazing things. I had my good times and my bad times and you've heard them all but please don't think it was a total bust. While I had many problems with the group, being away from my friends and family (didn't miss them as much in Alaska), and general lack of things to do, I don't think I regret coming though it is hard to tell at the moment. I think I'm glad I came because I would have always wondered what it could have been like--now I don't need to wonder.

Thank you to everyone who supported me in their own way be it money on my birthday, through comments and emails or just through reading this blog and thinking of me. I love you all and hope I have many adventures in the future to share with you--I promise I'll try to complain less! I'll be seeing everyone very soon (some sooner than others) and can't wait to be home. Only a couple of hours now!

Wish me luck in my travels!

    Thursday, May 6, 2010

    Day Ninety-Nine.

    • Woke up.
    • Finished my box of cereal.
    • Last Econ. class!!!
    • Got out of class early (no group meetings) and went back to the apartment after stopping at IN's for yogurt (for breakfast and dinner) and toilet paper.
    • Watched last night's episode of Modern Family.
    • Lunch. Wasn't too good.
    • Back to the apartment.
    • Napped.
    • Went out for gelato and shopping with Kate and Erin--we found gifts for Erin to give her nephew.
    • Played a game with a friend online.
    • Read over our rough draft for the Econ. paper.
    • Got an outfit together for the Film Festival event.
    • Had dinner--yogurt and gouda with crackers.
    • Walked over to the boys' to meet everyone to walk over to the Ferrero convention center.
    • Got to the convention center around 8:30 and stood in the lobby awkwardly as people took pictures at us and generally stared. Then Dan told us we would be going on stage, introducing ourselves and saying a little something to the audience.
    • Went backstage and waited for Prof Mignone to introduce us. Walked on stage and each of us said our name and most people just said thank you. I said my name and "Buon divertimento" which means "good entertainment" which Dino said was a typical thing to say before a showing of a film. Everyone laughed and clapped a little louder after I said mine but that might be because I was last to go and they were applauding for us in general. Then we stood awkwardly on the stage, not knowing where to look in the audience, while Prof Mignone said other stuff (in Italian). Then we left the stage, snuck into the back of the auditorium, and watched our films. People seemed to like them well enough but we all felt really, really silly. Then we got to leave because the rest of the event was in Italian and we would have been extremely confused and bored.
    • Long walk back to the apartment.
    • Computer and getting ready for bed.
    • Blogs.
    • Bed!! Sleeping in tomorrow!!!

    Wednesday, May 5, 2010

    Day Ninety-Eight.

    • Normal stuff.
    • Econ. class. Second to last!
    • Met in groups.
    • Lunch. Discussed which movie we wanted to pick for the film festival and settled on Fish Tank because it took us through a whole spectrum of emotions and did very different things with a very typical plot line.
    • Went back to the apartment.
    • Read for Econ. final paper.
    • Napped.
    • Did some ab exercises.
    • Went to Vin to cash in a voucher for a semidolce for dinner and got some gelato from my favorite place.
    • Wrote my part of the Econ. final paper.
    • Dinner of the semidolce sandwich and yogurt with berries.
    • Little more writing.
    • Emails.
    • Game with a friend.
    • Solitaire and music.
    • Blogs.
    • Bed.
    • Last class of the semester!
    • Cleaning the apartment...ugh.
    • Drinks at Akash with Prof Stabile at 6:30.
    • We have to go to a showing of our Minute Lumiere movies which we made earlier in the semester for our Cinema class. They are being shown at at 8:45PM at the Ferrero convention center we also visited earlier in the semester. We may or may not have to stand and wave or say some words to the audience. It should be quite an event, I guess.

    Tuesday, May 4, 2010

    Day Ninety-Seven.

    • Woke up and showered.
    • Rainy, cold day.
    • Decided not to go to class.
    • Laid in bed and watched Kick-Ass which I didn't get to watch last night and then watched last night's episodes of House and Big Bang Theory. It was a pretty fabulous morning.
    • Lunch in the apartment--the last of my bakery bread with peach jelly and yogurt with berries.
    • Hung out until 2:30 when we went to the Campus Center to listen to Italian extra credit presentations. There were two: Greg did a presentation on Albese (of Alba) calcio (soccer) and Nick did a presentation on the trip he took to Naples to visit his vague family connections there.
    • Got our Italian tests back--I got a B and a B+ in the course! Unexpected.
    • Hung out bored in the apartment.
    • Planned for concerts I want to see this summer aka The B-52's at Wolftrap on July 14th. Might go with Laura.
    • Chatted.
    • Napped a little bit.
    • Went to Osteria for dinner--it was pretty good.
    • Watched The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.
    • Bed.

    Monday, May 3, 2010

    Day Ninety-Six.

    • Woke up, showered, ate, etc.
    • Econ. class. Was tired. We learned about housing and mortgages and started going over how the "Great Recession" (as the current recession is called) started.
    • No group meetings so we could study for Italian. 
    • Instead of studying, I went to Bosko's and bought yogurt, raspberries and blueberries for meals for the week and then stopped by a bakery to buy some bread (I have jelly to use up) and by Vin to redeem a voucher for some sandwiches for dinner.
    • THEN I studied a little while eating my lunch of bread with jam and yogurt with berries.
    • Studied a little more.
    • Italian test at 2. TOTALLY smashed it--it was so easy! I can't believe Dino made that test so easy. It was essentially a couple of exercises and other tests smashed together. Literally word-for-word. Oh well, I'll take a freebie!
    • Watched the last film for the film festival. I forget what it was called but it was Iranian and was sort of about the seedy culture of people who don't want to or cannot get real jobs and, instead,turn to shadier means of supporting themselves including child trafficking. No happy ending though the children end up fine.
    • Headed back to the apartment and played Solitaire and listened to the radio.
    • Went back to the Campus Center to meet with Prof Lingua (Religions) and get our final exams back from him--got a 100%! He is emailing us our course grades but I think he has the wrong email for me because everyone else has heard from him and I haven't so we shall see.
    • Back to the apartment. Someone bought toilet paper--YAY!
    • Dinner of sandwiches from Vin and a bit of the last part of Kate's pizza from Duchessa.
    • Blogs, Solitaire, music, chatting, surfing the internet, streaming Kick-Ass to watch later, writing blogs!
    • Bed eventually.

    Sunday, May 2, 2010

    Day Ninety-Five.

    • Woke up late.
    • Cereal!
    • Lazed about doing NOTHING--yay!
    • Shower.
    • Packed! I'm 90% packed now and ready to go home next Saturday!
    • Wrote Econ. paper due Tuesday.
    • More computer stuff.
    • Watched X-Men.
    • Went out to see what was going on in the duomo since Jordan had mentioned there was something going on. There were like 6 marching bands in the streets dressed in Renaissance costumes. They all marched into an area in front of the duomo and then presumably did stuff but Kate and I were too confused and slightly bored by the procession so we didn't stay for the whole thing. Later, when I went to get dinner, I noticed that there were confetti and balloons so I guess something happened but not for at least an hour after Kate and I left (4pm).
    • Watched X-Men 2.
    • Got Duchessa to go (porta via). I love that the people there know me and immediately put my order in when they see me walking up to the restaurant. Yum yum!
    • Played a game.
    • Kiki and Erin got home from Greece--they had a good time.
    • Decided not to study for the Italian exam tonight--a 30% on the test will get me a B in the class. I have no idea how this works but the grade calculator told me. Plus, all I need is a D in the class since I'm taking it Pass/Fail so I basically just need to put my name on the test. I will study tomorrow, though, since I'm incapable of doing that poorly on a test.
    • Internet!
    • Bed!

    Saturday, May 1, 2010

    Day Ninety-Four.

    • Woke up around 9 and took a shower.
    • Skipped breakfast and went to the market with Kate. We found fried foods at one of the vendors in the food section and bought an assortment and shared it. Chicken fingers, chicken wings, curly fries, egg rolls. Yum, yum, yum! We have greatly missed fried food here so we indulged ourselves a little bit.
    • Then we headed up Via Maestra to see the rest of the market. We stopped in a few stores on a quest for a spring/summer dress for Kate and ended up finding a really cute on at a store called Oviesse. Success!
    • Stopped in at Akash on our way back to the apartment and had smoothies--I had strawberry-banana and Kate had pineapple-mango-pear. They were ok.
    • Headed back to the apartment and messed around on the internet.
    • Napped for a bit.
    • Got a call on Skype from my mother! I had almost forgotten about her! Kidding.
    • Watched an awful horse movie called Flicka 2. The original was good but this one had every cliche imaginable packed in together. Ugh. Oh well--always nice to see horses.
    • Did laundry. Washed my shoes which were trashed from my adventure yesterday.
    • Tried to go buy toilet paper but the grocery stores were closed for the holiday so we're going to have to make it through the weekend on two rolls (they're small rolls). We'll see if we can do it! Nothing but thrills here in Alba.
    • More computer.
    • Dinner of yogurt and strawberries I bought at the market. Yum.
    • Played Monopoly online.
    • Bed soon.